FuzzMyApp is ready to help the clients in the following ways:
  • Fuzzing clients solutions - Client can ask us to fuzz his solution, it can be delivered in a trial mode or with any other time/license limited version.
  • Fuzzing well known data formats (graphics, text documents, binary formats, etc.) or protocols (HTTP, FTP, etc.).
  • Fuzzing new data formats or protocols. For this scenario we add new capabilities to our fuzzing framework in order to support clients solution.
  • Fuzzing or Vulnerability Research 'on site'. In some business cases, software or whole platform is very crucial for our clients and we can agree to work 'on site' - in client premises. In this scenario we think about SCADA systems or other heavy industry solutions which cannot be (from various reasons) delivered to our virtual laboratory.
  • Fuzzing 3rd party solutions which our client is going to purchase. We can test their security and stability before our client buys it.
  • Some clients may want to have access to the new 0day issues which we find in our research lab, as a result of fuzzing popular software. We use this kind of software for target practicing which helps us in improving our own fuzzing framework by adding new capabilities and new support data formats. It is CRITICAL to notice that mentioned 0days are coming from our RESEARCH LAB, NOT FROM OUR CLIENTS' PRODUCTS. WE WILL NEVER DISCLOSURE ANY VULNERABILITIES FOUND IN OUR CLIENTS' SOFTWARE TO THE PUBLIC OR ANY OTHER 3RD PARTY.