FuzzMyApp is a unique company in R&D IT Security business. Our goal is to provide a complete fuzzing platform for our customers - who need to deliver secure and stable IT products.

"But, what it is FUZZING?". In simple words it is an automated methodology of finding software vulnerabilities. Why automated? Because during the process we can generate and use hundreds of thousand mutated input feeds. Fuzzing can be blind - without knowing the exact data format, smart - knowing the underlying data format, or even semi intelligent. But at the end of the day it comes to feeding given product with mutated, very often invalid data, and analyzing how stable and securely it behaves in those scenarios.

With solid experience in IT security and with strong academic background, we aim at developing smart and robust ways of finding security and stability bugs in modern software. We are ready to tailor new fuzzing scenarios or solutions for any new clients and their products.

Within our lab we are constantly covering new ground, tweaking and enhancing our own framework used for fuzzing. The ultimate goal is to deliver fuzzing platform which helps to deliver stable and safe applications to the end users.